About Us

Everything has a dual nature. Everyone has two sides, bad and good. It all depends on your perspective and it's up to us to show if you are dirty or a saint? Can you be both?

Why Dirty Saints?

Growing up in a country where the majority of people don't embrace their body, though it's one's prerogative, I always wondered how to encourage everyone to feel comfortable and love the skin they are in. Before people like Kendrick Lamar were preaching about showing stretch marks and beginning a photoshop free trend, I already thought to myself that someday I wanted to make it recognised by everyone, not only my family and friends, that it is okay to wear whatever we want, be it the skimpiest outfit one's ever seen or something with more coverage. Studying in Australia was the best decision I've ever made, and after many many years have gone by in my journey, I met the one who helped me bring this vision to life (and I couldn't be more grateful), to create a brand where we believe that the skin we live in needs to be embraced. No matter your shape, shade or size, you deserve to flaunt it all. Dirty Saints was born in retrospect of the fact that being dirty or a saint is all just a matter of perspective, and while we're at it we're just gonna wear whatever we want. So yes... everyone can be a Dirty Saint.

Behind the collection 

The first swimwear collection 'Knotted Love' is inspired by the familiar moods one might have where each colour has a different meaning but the styles remain sexy, sophisticated and brave. I want to encourage the wearer to feel the same, if not more, by adding versatility and options to style each bikini. I used to pack so much clothes on vacation, but I only ended up wearing a few and most of them are bikinis. So why not make bikinis that are able to be styled more than one way? We came up with 10+. This collection is now the solution to my luggage problems (when we are finally allowed to travel freely, of course). 



Where are our swimwear manufactured?

We ethically manufacture our swimwear in Bali, made by a husband and wife. To us, they are not merely a manufacturer for our swimwear, but they have been a family friend for a long time now. We are partnering with them to make swimwear that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, by making them in small batches, so each one of our pieces is special. We are also contributing to a more healthy environment by only using compostable mailers by Hero packaging, and reducing if not eliminating the use of single-use plastic at any stage of production.